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to grips with ukraine. the united states and europe have been slated against russia. john kerry and sergei lavrov are due to meet in paris. they are meant to talk about syria, but no doubt ukraine will fig fighture. ukrainian soldiers, meanwhile, have been, in some says forced to choose sides. jennifer glasse reports from sevastopol. >> if there's somewhere where the russians have full control, it's here at sevastopol. ships of the black sea fleet halt all traffic, draining all life from this otherwise thriving port. if the russian's intentions is to take over ukrainian military instillations, it is not over yet. ukrainian servicemen refuse to yield to the russian show of force. >> the russians take position in front of this army base. we spoke to some of the ukrainian servicemen through the gate. they said they had not received an ultimatum. they said they had no intention to vender the base because they had pledged loyalty to ukraine, and said that they hoped it would be solved peacefully. the soldiers are digging in for the long haul. relying on the support of relatives to keep them goi
to allied world leaders. john kerry making the rounds of some of the sunday talk shows. still insisting that this is not a cold war redo, although it's obviously russia versus the west in the crisis over ukraine. harking back to an earlier era, saying it's 19th century actions on the part of russia, john kerry says he's been on the phone with allied foreign ministers over the course of the last 24 to 48 hours. here is what he told a sunday show earlier today. >> i talked to 10 of the foreign minister of those wound ris engaged the g8, and all of them are prepared to go to the hilt toest late russia. they are prepared to put sanctions in place, to isolate russia economically. the roouble is already going down. russia has major economic challenges. >> so secretary of state john kerry talking about going to the hilt with allies, including economic sanctions. evidently military action on the part of the allies or on the part of the united states. no one is seriously talking about that. other things secretary of state john kerry mentioned - isolation on trade and investment of russia, freezi
, welcome to al jazeera. secretary of state john kerry is set to meet russia's minister, amid a war of words over the standoff in crimea's peninsula. john kerry arrived for talks on-tuesday, the high level meeting the first between the two countries since russia september troops to crimea. ukraine offered little assurance of a peaceful solution. a meeting two the two country's defence ministers on tuesday epded in a stalemate, one said "we have no sign of hope." >> lisa stark joins us from washington in a moment. but jennifer glasse is in the crimea city of sevastopol. good morning. we heard from foreign minister sergei lavrov before the meeting with kerry. what did he have to say? >> good morning, sergei lavrov speaking in madrid making clear the russian position is far from the american position. moscow believes president viktor yanukovych was ousted illegally. that moscow was forced to act because what happened in kiev could be contagious, criticising the west for supporting the new government in kiev, criticising what sergei lavrov called protesters acting against the ukrainian constitut
it an unconstitutional coup and a seizure of power and john kerry arrived in ukraine and in a show of support he will meet with the new government and it's part of a u.s. plan to increase diplomatic pressure on moscow. russia risks being shut out by the g 8 industrial summit and they are not backing off and russia says troops were sent there at the request of ousted president viktor yanukovych and phil is in kiev and, phil, another department, russian putin pulled out troops on the exercise on the border of ukraine, is that a sign at all of russia changing its position in crimea? >> not in crimea, stephanie, those troops that are on the peninsula are still there, still the people in kiev woke this morning to the welcome news that at least the war games that have been conducted close to the borders are over but nevertheless the russia military president and the might is still on the minds of people here. outside st. petersburg in russia on monday putin observed the might. war games russia says and a glimpse nonetheless of the military fire power. that same overwhelming force has captured the peni
in ukraine remain as very big concern. john kerry says he spokes to the russian's foreign minister. the white house briefing just a short while ago. shortly after signing the agreement, in early fashion, packing up his stuff, and disappearing. it is hard to claim you are leading a country when you advocate responsibilities and disappeared. they have been watching the development in washington, how is the cry issue going to strain the already strained relationship that the u.s. has with russia. >> that's a great question, and all along over the course of the last several days as this crisis has unfolded you have heard everyone from the president to a spokesman here at the white house from secretary kerri to his spokesperson de-emphasize this perception thatting this a cold war redo. there is undeniably this aspect to it. a number of alarms were raised bringing about very forceful statements. near ukraine on the border, secretary kerry openlien waying russia not to violate the territorial integrity or sovereignty of ukraine. that was echoed today just moments ago. and again today secretary kerr
tomorrow. secretary of state john kerry talked with his russian counter part today and delivered a warning. >> we believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations. >> john kerry said the russian foreign minister agreed to respect the borders of ukraine. kerry said the u.s. supports the new interim government and elected today by the ukranian parliament. >> nick shiffrin has more on that story from kiev. here is a huge step forward for the future of this country, were there is a new parliament as you said and new government and new hope for the future. but still the focus is here on independence square. the center of what they call the third revolution here in ukraine. let me show you a little bit about what is going on here. the security is still here. silt early morning friday. but you can still hear that these barriers are still up. and there is a guard tower right there, that is always manned. and part of the reason for that is that the people here all of the thousands who have been here for so many months are still very much the inspiration for what is g
of state john kerry has arrived in the ukraine capitol. he laid a flower loo-- floral wreath. we will be live from washington, d.c. in just a moment. but first tim, kerry has arrived in kiev and paid tribute to those who died in kiev. no doubt this is to show washington's support of a new government in kiev? all right. we seem to be having some technical problems right there now. we will try to get back to tim in moscow, and try to get the latest from john kerry's visit to kiev. let's go to washington, d.c. kerry comes bearing a gift of a $1 billion loan. any strings attached ? >> there are also strings attached. but this is a billion dollars loan guarantee contingent on congressional approval. there is a certain amount of support for such a measure in congress. but the president needs to pass that through congress. it is meant to cushion the fuel subsidies in ukraine. as far as their strings are attached to any money given to ukraine. they will ask for the end of the social safety net for those who are the poorest. and u.s. officials also quite sanguine that this could end up in
against russia. john kerry and his russian counterpart sergei lavrov are due to meet in paris. they are meant to talk about syria, but no doubt ukraine will feature. while the documents talk, ukrainian soldiers are essentially surrounded by russian forces, being pressured, in some cases, to choose sides. russia will try everything it can to prevent violence. >> if you talk about self-defence of the crimean people, we have not given them any orders. with regards to russian troops there were special measures taken to be vij lant. we'll do everything we can to protect bloodshed. >> we have this report from the crimean port of sevastopol where ukrainian soldiers are being pressured to choose sides. >> ships of the black sea fleet drop military and civilian traffic at sevastopol, draining all life from this otherwise thriving port. this is an easy target for the russians. if their intention is to take over all military installations in crimea, the mission is not over. ukrainian servicemen refused to yield to the russian show of force. >> the russians have taken position in front of
no they keep the work, the world will be watching. >> secretary of state john kerry spoke and urged russia to work with u. is it's allies. they also addressed ukraine tonight. is following a development in washington for us, and mike, what is this delicate balance that the white house is attempting to strike here with russia. >> and secretary of state john kerry today, sovereignty in the white house as the third one. transparentsy, they want transparency on the part of russia, as it engages in some military man moves that sergei says were previously planned. but they are right on the border that has raised alarms here for the second consecutive day. we have heard secretary the kerry come right out and warn russia as did jay carney here in the white house earlier today about the sovereignty. for the days the president and on down, that somehow this is a cold war redo. in russia, but yet very close to ukraine. secretary kerry had a photo opportunity, spoke with the press, across town at the state department, just a couple of hours ago, here is what he had to stay. >> foreign minister relayed
of the ukraine today. the russian president and u s had to stay. john kerry spoke out within hours of each half as they presented the world with the presence of events kerry's intervention came as he arrived in kiev to show support for the country's new leadership of the small role but financial. with the aid package including a billion dollars of energy subsidies then we can warn that his government was going up from the sanctions to impose and russia. as soon as this week so far the sanctions and diplomatic isolation appeared to be having little impact will be hearing from our reporters throughout the region often visible on the laces fuss moving to them while we still see me and putting them into the panic among the non ukrainian treat the nice in the green the emboldened by the team's presence. they seek to negotiate with the russian forces controlling and things the russian soldiers on meeting the times reported from time magazine present at the seams. eventually backed down. instead they have to await orders from moscow to how to proceed. it is judging into tin for the last time consequen
kerry spoke the the russian foreign minister and saying we need to talk about the area together and we have lots of things to talk about, iran and syria, but we are focussed on this today and the u.s. wants to give a chance to the government in kiev and give a chance to people that just have taken the power and independence square is not burning, the u.s. wants this government to have a chance without the military intervention and without a threat to it and only then can this government focus on the extreme problems that face this country not only this unity that we are talking about politically but economically, they need 15, $20 billion by the sum tore pay the bills or defaulting and they have a lot on their hands without worried about the province to the south. >> they are going to meet with the reporters but where the viktor yanukovich? >> well, apparently the great hunt is over, indeed if it is true he's giving a press conference in southern russia. we have talked about this and looking for him, apparently according to local reports out of moscow, he escaped a southern town and ar
a carpet of flowers and a very moving moment for john kerry as he stood there and remembered the dead. he is now talking to politicians, to the prime minister, and he has something to offer. he said that president obama will work with congress to approve a billion dollars in loan guarantees. now, this will mainly help with cuts in subsidies to fuel costs for ukrainians. it is generally considered that fuel has been too cheap here which, of course, if the sud d sud /* subsidies are taken away will be a hardship for ukraineians and he said the u.s. will help with the economic challenges in ukraine and help to stamp out corruption and the united states also helped with providing some observers for the presidential e elections, the forthcoming presidential e elections. finally, because the u.s. is the main contributor to the international monetary fund, he said the united states is ready to support a listening program, a big lending program from the imf because ukraine is broke. it's teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. all of that, of course, in addition to, i am sure, discussions about w
that the there are security implications not just for ukraine but for the entire world. john kerry, secretary of state and his russian counter foreign minister laborov meet in paris. >> reporter: europe and the united states trying to coordinate their position in the face of russian aggression. >> there will be sanctions targeting visas, economic negotiations if there is no de-escalation. >> reporter: de-escalation could come out of talks with the russian morning spin sergei labi --the russian foreign minister serge i laborov. >> i would like you to explain what you mean by special forces. we do not have power over them. they don't take our orders. over, the russian military, the black sea fleet are in deployment places and some special alert and control measures have been taken over the whole black sea fleet. as the president said we'll do everything to prevent bloodshed. >> reporter: the british raised possibility with the ukraine foreign minister also in paris that this is a chance not only for the west to talk with the russians, but for the ukrainians to do so. >> today we're going to use every diplomatic
threatened and blockaded by a group of armed militia men, forced to leave crimea. secretary of state kerry meets with counterpars from ukraine and russia and says all involved will try to resolve the crisis through dialogue. >>> and what is vladimir putin really thinking? i'll speak with someone who got to know him. president obama's former national security adviser tom donlon will join me live this hour. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." a united nations diplomat threatened by armed men and jeered by a pro-russia crowd as tengs rise in ukraine. here are the latest developments. a u.s. special envoy was threatened and blockaded by armed militiamen, forced to take refuge in a cafe and ultimately forced to give up his mission and leave crimea. secretary of state john kerry meets in paris with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov who says all parties agree to hold intense talks to try to overcome the crisis. defense secretary hagel takes heat up on capitol hill but says the u.s. is suspending military exercises with russia and will step up training with poland's military. we
, i want to thank you. and god bless all of you. >> secretary of state john kerry will be speaking for the american israel public affairs committee. his speech is scheduled to get underway at about 6 p.m. eastern. live coverage starts at 5:00 with her marked by senator chuck schumer of new york. and secretary kerry will leave tonight for ukraine. reuters is running a story about an increasing military threat that says, in part, russia's thek sea fleet has told forces in crimea to surrender. if they do not surrender by 5 a.m. tomorrow, a real assault will be started in the divisions of armed forces across crimea. that again, from reuters. earlier today at aipac, senator russiacain commented on and the ukraine. here's what he -- a bit of what he had to say. [video clip] >> i come to you with a heavy heart of what is happening in the ukraine. it is directly related to what is happening in the middle east him and obviously we know that what happens in the you middle east -- in the middle east is vital to the existence of the state of his -- israel. i will not go through the history of
's growing signs of separatism. on the diplomatic frond, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is rejecting suggestions of cold war rivalries in the way moscow reacted to the crisis. they are being told to watch for attempts by viktor yanukovych to move funds. his whereabouts is unclear. >> the situation in kiev has not had much of an impact on farmers and villages in the east until now. people feel ukrainian and are worried their way of life could be under threat, from the ukrainian border near the city. >> ukraine's border with russia stretches 2,000km. in this town, the decaying symbols of the soviet union are everywhere. in the cemetery a proud gravestone of a hero. planted in the middle, there's nothing here to mark the followers forced collectivization. this breadbasket suffered a famine killing 6 million people. >> in the center of the town, the only monument is to those that died in the war against the nazis. the opposing of the president in kiev has divided opinions even here. >> you call this life? >> it's not, it's a funny farm. if i had a chance i would have fled to russia. >> t
line. it is self imposed by secretary of state john kerry. he had set that six month time line. he wants a framework in place. you talk about a framework, obviously these issues are meddlesome, nothing less than peace in the middle east has flummoxed this add as and others before it. he's going to be talking about some of these issues. obviously when netanyahu's been here in the past, almost frosty relations between barack obama and the primester. president obama talked about using the 1967 borders as a two state solution. netanyahu gave him a very stern lecture right there in the oval office. this time things have cooled down. also on the table are going to be iran's sanctions, that is obviously a sticking point, although it has calmed down at this point. the white house also announced talking about the middle east talks, secretary kerry being back and forth to the region 11 times since becoming secretary, now following this visit, the palestinian leader will be here march 17 as we near that end of april deadline to come up with a framework for an agreement for a two state solutio
the changes in the government. >> a warning from secretary of state john kerry directed towards russia. >> we believe everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations >> john kerry voicing concerns about russian military exercises happening near ukraine's border. russia claims the manoeuvres have nothing to do with the crisis in ukraine. >> attorney-general eric holder was hospitalized for a few hours thursday, he experienced shortness of breath and was treated for elevated heart ache. he is known for walking up to his fifth floor office instead of using the elevator. >> a powerful storm in california, it could hit the foothills near los angeles, causing mudslides. 1,000 home owners have been asked to leave. thursday was al jazeera's global day of action for our detained colleagues in egypt. silent protests took place showing support for their release. >> those are the headlines. i'm thomas drayton, in new york. >> on "america tonight", tensions build. signs of russians hands at work amid clashes in you cane's borders. -- ukraine's borders. >> we'll do everything to stablil
look at four of our jailed colleagues by the egyptian government. >> secretary of state john kerry introduced his department's annual human rights report with an urgent message globally 2013 was a ban for human. >> all right this report, we think s especially timely. it comes on the holy spirit of one of the most momentous year years--it comes on the heels of one of the most momentous years. >> assembly and press. >> this could not be more relevant to what we're seeing trantranspired across the globe, some of the greatest security challenges in the world today are also places where their governments deny basic human. >> right the syrian government's use of chemical weapons on its own people. >> in syria hundreds were murdered in the dead of night when a disaster occurred at the hands of a dictator who decided to infect the air of damascus. >> kerry also pointed to new details on the extent of north korea's abuses towards its citizens. >> reports of people who have been executed su summarily, and fired at by aircraft weapons that literally obliterate human beings, and this is occurr
.s. do given the importance? >> well secretary of state john kerry has been in touch with his colleague, neither country wants to intervene at this stage. in america, let's understand first of all there is no lust or desire on the part of the american people to intervene and get entangled in global war. we have seen that. we saw that with syria. it is interesting that foreign minister and john kerry have already over syria last august worked out a diplomatic approach. i think the eu, the united states and russia have to be deeply concerned about a very grim reality. ukraine is bankrupt. probably needs 35 billion in short assistance. russia has been subsidizing natural gas. is the eu, which is already dealing with austerity politics to bail out, is the united states which needs to rebuild at home and invest in infrastructure ready to intervene in another country. so there are real limits on both countries, the united states and russia. >> though kerry and labarov have been talking to each other. russia went right ahead and conducted a massive drill with 150,000 troops right on the border
en pass. the foreign secretary of secretary of state john kerry and the ukrainian foreign minister. but when the russians showed up there was no place at the table for the ukrainians. moscow does not even recognize the government in kiev. still the secretary of state john kerry said that they would continue with their efforts. >> we agreed to continue intense discussions in the coming days with russia, with ukrainians in order to see how we can help normalize the situation, stabilize it, and overcome the crisis, and those intentions are intentions shared exactly as i have described them between russia, the united states, european countries, and ukrainians who were here. all parties agreed today that it is important to try to resolve these issues through dialogue. >> well, yes, tony, dialogue is all well and good. but dialogue that goes nowhere provides nothing. and unless there is at least some movement on one side or the other then these blinders that the diplomats have on when it comes to their own positions and what they bring these discussions, it just looks like there is this
at all. >> yeah, tony, not much progress at all. it's quite clear. secretary of state john kerry held a press conference two hours ihours after the meeting. it was clear not a lot of movement was made. there was positions stated by the united states and the west. said, of course, that they do want to do more. but not a lot of results. let's take a quick listen to what secretary of state kerry had to say. >> we agreed to continue intense discussions in the coming days with russia, with ukrainians in order to see how we can help normalize the situation and stabilize it. all parties agreed today that it is important to try to resolve these issues through dialogue. >> it sounds good, tony, but you know, where is the result? where is the development? of course everybody agrees that it's better to de-escalate the conflict, but you need to have movement, and clearly that was not today. >> phil, in all of this talking, brussels starting tomorrow, and the european foreign ministers have threaten sanctions against russia, but that's going to be a difficult sales job as well, isn't it. >> keepin
as they struggle to keep the country afloat. >> john kerry says the world should unit and support ukrainians and rejected suggestions of a cold war rivalry between u.s. and moscow. >> it's not a zero-some game, it's not west versus east - shut not be. it's not russia or the united states or other choices it's about people, ukrainians making their choices. we want to work with russia, other countries, everyone available to make sure this is peaceful from this day forward, because obviously the terrible violence that took place in the maydan was a shock to everyone in the world. >> tim friend joins us live from kiev. take us through the developments on the ground and what is expected to happen later today? >> sure. as you have been hearing from john kerry, what i think everyone is striving for now, not only the international community, but the people in kiev, and we are just a few hunt dread metres -- hundred metres away from the epicentre from what is regarded as a revolution. what they want is a form of consensus, and what they are hearing is that the new cabinet will be put to the people in
with ukraine. >>> secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is prepared to offer the new ukraine government $1 billion in loan guarantees but he says russia must not get the wrong idea about american involvement in the ukrainian uprising. >> we are hoping that russia is not seeing this as sort of a continuation of the cold war. we do not see it that way. we do not believe this should be an east-west, russia-united states. this is not rocky iv, believe me we do not see it that way. >> introduced today as the main protest camp in kiev. tim friend is in ukrainian capitol. >> in a freezing independence square the politicians have been forces to consult the -- forced to consult the people who believe they achieved a revolution in ukraine. for those pitching to be part of a new ukraine, yetsenyuk, and yulia tymoshenko's fatherland party. >> this way people feel united. >> we believe maidan fulfilled its role. people need to fulfill their interests. we have to stand for what we want, and they act according to their wishes. that's how we'll get the future that we want. >> if anyone thought that fol
kerry has been in touch with his colleague. neither country wants it tus stage. in america, let's understand first of all, there is no lust or desire on the part of the american people to intervene and get entangled with global war. we saw that with syria. it's interesting that foreign ministers have already, over syria last august, worked out a diplomatic approach. i think the eu, the united states and russia have to be deeply concerned about a very grim reality. ukraine is bankrupt. it probably needs $35,000,000,000 in short assistance. russia has been subsidizing natural gas. is the eu, which is already dealing with austerity politics in europe. >> countries in there have serious trouble sglrm. >> need to rebuild infrastructure, jobs ready to intervene in another country? i think there are real limits on both countries, the united states and russia. >> even though kerry and lavrov have talked to each other, russia conducted a massive drill this week with 150,000 troops right on the border of ukraine. i know you have written about the fact that you are concerned that the amer
john kerry calls it an invasion and occupation. just how bad is it and what can be done? we will cover all the angles. vitali klitschko, leader e of the ukrainian revolution, on his country's response to russian aggression. madeleine albright, the former secretary of state, brzezinski zbigniew, the former national security adviser on what the united states can and should do. then, is vladimir putin really the bad guy in all of this? i will introduce you to a very prominent expert who says niet. >>> and foreign policy at the oscars, one of the films up for best documentary tells the story of egypt's revolution brilliantly. i will speak with the director of the movie "the square." >>> but first, here's my take. in a strange act of historical coincidence it was 60 years ago this week that soviet leader nikita handed the premier over to the ukraine. it might not have seen a big deal in those days. everyone was part of one, big, unhappy soviet union. but that has created today's geopolitical crisis. russia has made its move. it has essentially detached crimea from the ukraine government's c
john kerry is due to immediate the leaders on tuesday to show support. the u.s. is suspending military exercises and trade talks with russia and says it may consider sanctions. meanwhile an international body that keeps an eye on security in europe is conducting a fact-finding mission in ukraine. there has been a standoff between russia and ukrainian troops at an air base in crimea and soldiers have apparently agreed to cooperate with the russians. the ukrainian soldiers at the base walked toward russian troops carrying ukraine and soviet flags and in a moment we will be live in moscow with rory but let's go to crimea where we have lawrence lee standing by. lawrence it has been a pretty eventful morning. what is the situation there? >> well, it's midday here in crimea and we may be about to learn something new perhaps as to the direction of travel in this conflict. remember all that talk of ultimati mushgs -- ultimatium and no shots have been fired yet but what happened at balbeck military air base in estopple, soldiers approached the armed russians guarding the base and said to them t
government. i commend president obama and secretary kerry for their leadership. yesterday, the osce announced that 18 participating countries will send 35 unarmed military observers to ukraine. let them reveal the truth. countries with large ukrainian dies a practice, like our country, along with poland, canada, argentina, portugal, the united kingdom and kazakhstan, should have constructive means to help. the international community must make sure that election monitors are trained for the upcoming elections in ukraine on may 25. then, economically, the world community should proceed to work through ukraine's financial challenges. however, any financial assistance to ukraine should be contingent on repayment, and ukraine's new government must clearly at the fine performance standards and lay out a reasonable play to repay any foreign aid. it will require technical assistance, management expertise and loan personnel from governments throughout the world. in addition, the united states and other nations should impose targeted financial, economic, trade and travel sanctions on russian assets on
secretary of state john kerri introduced his department annual human rights report with an urgent message globally 2013 was a bad year for human rights. >> the struggle for rights and dignity couldn't be more relevant to what we are seeing transpire across the globe. are also places where government deny basic rights. topping the report, the government use of chemical weapons on it's own people. hundreds were murdered in the dead of night, when a disaster occurred at the hands of a dictator. to effect the air with poisonous gas. >> also pointed to new details on the extent of north korea's abuses. reports of people have been executed, summarily, and fired at by artillery. fired out by anti-aaron craft weapons. tens of thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against the power -- to demonstrate, again, the power of people to be able to demand a more democratic and accountable governance and to stand up even against those who would sniper from rooms and take their lives in the effort to have their voices heard. so there are plenty of examples of places that choose a different road. he e
's almost certainly like. is crimea on the brink of war? it's hard to say. >> secretary of state john kerry has a message for russia as it begins military exercises near the border of ukraine. he says this is no time for russia to interfere. russia says the military exercises were scheduled in advance of upraises. he was assured by russian foreign minister that russia will report ukraine sovereignty. we believe that everybody needs to step back and avoid provocations, and we want to see in the next days ahead, obviously, that the choices russia makes conform to this arm nation that we received today. this comes as president viktor yanukovych is getting ready to come out of hiding. he scheduled a press conference on friday. viktor yanukovych is asking russia to protect him from extremists. if any country, ukraine was wondering about, there's a display going on right now. vladimir putin put two of russia's four military districts on high alert. land, sea and air power, tested for readiness. moscow insists the war games are not connected to the events in ukraine. n.a.t.o. hit a warning agains
released it's annual global report. john kerry described the war as a human rights calamity. he also announced the creation of a task force to combat antigay. >> we are seeing new laws like the antihomosexualty bill, and signed into law by president earlier this week. which not only makes criminals of people for who they are, but punishes those who defend the human rights that are our universal birthright. >> these laws contribute to a global friend of rising violence. and discrimination against lgbt persons and their supporters. and they are in a front to every reasonable conscience in the united states will continue to stand with our lgbt brothers and sisters as we stand up for freedom, for justice, for equal rights. >> rosalyn jordan has more from washington, d.c. such as the press, or restrictions on the press. the freedom of the people to assemble and to make their grievances or rather the crack down on people who are trying to make their complaints known to their governments as well as the on going human rights violations against vulnerable populations. but this year's report i
ask me, i'll be happy to run. >> nick shifrin, in kiev, secretary of state john kerry spoke with russia's foreign minister and asked for the ukraine to work with its allies. mike viqueria is following the developments. mike, what is the balance in attempting to trying with russia? >> tony, you can see a level of alarm, concern, rhetoric, picked up a level over the last 24 to 48 hours. for one, the situation you just described in the crimeaan peninsula and the russian military exercises outside the ukraine within russian territory. we heard talking about the territorial sovereignty of the ukraine, the accepting of those principles. meeting with the german foreign minister, and secretary kerry related part of his conversation with sergey lavrov. >> secretary of state laivesecrt the military exercise which has been conducted is not related to the ukraine and was previously scheduled but also important reaffirmed president putin's statement that russia will respect the territorial integrity of ukraine. good also a top priority among russia, the united states and the eu is econom
exercises near ukraine's borders in a few hours. john kerry said it is no time to interfere, and adds he's assured by the russians this the manoeuvres were scheduled before the recent uprising. >> we believe that everybody needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations. we want to see in the next days ahead, obviously, that the choices russia makes conform to the affirmation that we received today. >> as jennifer says, ousted president viktor yanukovych still in hiding issued a statement saying he's asked russia to ensure his safety from extremists. rory challands has more from moscow. >> if any country, ukraine, for example, was wondering about russia's military capabilities, conveniently there's a display going on. vladimir putin put two of russia's four military districts on high alert. land, sea and air power tested for readiness. moscow insists that the war games are not connected. n.a.t.o. is warning against escalation. >> i urge russia not to take action escalating tension or creating misunderstanding. i urge the new ukrainian leadership to continue its efforts to establish
, kiev. >> well, u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been appearing on sunday morning talk shows and he says that russia is mistaken in supporting the deposed ukrainian president viktor yanukovych. >> russia and president putin of aligning themselves termly with the person who was legitimately stripped of his power by the parliament, even by his own supporters. i think this is an enormous mistake for russia, and we hope, president obama hopes that president putin will turn in the direction that is available to him to work with all of us in a way that creates stability in ukraine. this does not have to be and should not be an east-west struggle. this is not about russia and the u.s. this is about the people of ukraine. >> let's find out more on the u.s. reaction and speak to rosalyn jordan from washington. kerry making the rounds on the sunday talk shows. what does the use plan to do? >> essentially the u.s. is trying to shame russia into withdrawing its troops and into realizing that there will be severe economic costs and possible visa bans, as well, if this isn't reversed quick
's chemical weapons was done by us secretary of state, john kerry and his russian counterpart, serge sergei lavrov. >> so much happened since this handshake took place at this spot six months ago. u.s.-russian relations are obviously at the worst point since the end of the cold war. the chemical weapons plan is not going to plan. the syrian government is behind schedule in getting the deadly agents out of the country. >> some believe the assad government may welcome the fact the world's attention has moved. >> i think he is dancing in damascus. he knows they have their hands full with the crimean crisis. he believes a lot of pressure will be taken out of his back because ought of nato, europe, the u.s. is into ukraine. >> there could, however, be a downside for president assad, too. he relies on shan support for weapons and parts and aircraft and tanks. if the west presses for sanctions against russian banks and arms manufacturers, that could really hurt. james bayes, al jazeera with the united nations. >>> more from paris >> reporter: this is the first face-to-face meeting between top amer
kerry and -- was absolutely right and the president was absolutely right in telling russian president putin that he he better think twice before he considers any kind of military intervention in ukraine. that is not something that can be or should be tolerated, and russia must understand that it cannot be a business as usual. if they make any military moves into ukraine, it's going to cost them a great deal in their relationships with the united states and with our european allies in the european union. it can't be business as usual. which leads me to iran. we are in very delicate negotiations with iran right now. the one thing that everybody agrees the p-5 plus one is that at the end of the day iran must not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. i have been very critical of the iranian regime through the years and continue to be so. what i. me especially is that while they are negotiating with us, they are continuing to wreak havoc in all different parts of the world. iran remains the leading supporter of terrorism throughout the world. in fact, if we look just next door into syria, a
support. and join us later when secretary of state john kerry will speak at the 2014 aipac conference, the group is holding their yearly policy conference. you can watch secretary kerry's remarks live at about 5 p.m. eastern on our companion network, c-span. >> the internet as we know it today bears no resemblance to monopoly telephone service back in the 1930 and '40s and '50s. and what the courts have said and what the congress supports is if i walk in to a grocery store and i buy a gallon of milk and pay $3.50 a gallon, if i buy ten gallons, i pay $35 for all ten gallons. well, tom wheeler's fcc wants to say you can use as much milk as you want, and you only have to pay $3.50. that's just wrong. netflix is the biggest user of the internet as people download their movies. sometimes they're as much of 30% of the volume of the internet, obviously, they should pay more than someone who uses the internet once a month. i'm being very sum policic, but that -- simplistic, but that's the genesis. and these companies have spent billions and billions of dollars to is the up their systems and
for protection. secretary of state john kerry's warning russia not to make a, quote, grave mistake by sending troops to ukraine. >>> meanwhile, pro-russian forces are taking a stand in the important region of crimea. clarissa ward is there where a new troop took control. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. russian news agencies are reporting that viktor yanukovych, the ousted president, may already be in moscow, that he's being granted refuge by the russian government after he claimed that his life was in danger from extremists. he also said that he is still the legitimate president of ukraine. meanwhile, in the south of the country, in the important crimea region, a tense armed standoff continues. there was chaos and confusion in crimea this morning after armed gunmen took over regional government buildings and flew the russian flag. "nobody knows what's going on inside at the moment," this man said. "we only saw the building being taken over, some 30 fully armed people ran inside." the events came on the heels of clashes yesterday between pro-russian demonstrators an
debts to russia and as for kerry. well he denounced what he calls an act of aggression and expressed fears over russia's intense when it comes to eastern ukraine but he also stressed on offer. it is clear. dr has been working hard to create a pretext for you to be faithful. rihanna's talk about russian speaking minority citizens are understood to not we would like to see this yes. we are not looking for somebody to confrontation. during his press conference earlier the russian president denying that goes well armed soldiers patrolling in crimea since last friday or russian. i couldn't say me and members of the crimean self defense forces. and that they're no better equipped and trained in some radical fighters who took part in the ousting of gannett co which was that contradicts what our team in the crimean peninsula witnessed calls and gets from parsons confirming they are indeed crack troops. he told mr putin's of press conferences today for shadows for the future of ukraine he said. it's the russians moved in by the request at present jungle called it sure he still regards as the
, but negotiators came away with little to show for their efforts. secretary of state john kerry met with his counterparts from russia, britain, france and germany. the session was brief with no breakthroughs. kerry said the meetings were constructive, and that no one is served by further confrontation. >> we agreed to continue these intense discuss in coming days with russia, with ukrainians, in order to see who we can help normalize, stabilize and overcome this crisis. >> ifill: but russian foreign minister sergei lavrov gave no indication, before or after the paris meeting, that moscow would pull back in crimea. instead, he insisted, again, that the troops occupying much of the region are not russian, but local. >> ( translated ): regarding the self-defense forces created by the people of crimea, we do not have any power over them, they do not listen to our orders. >> ifill: lavrov also declined to meet with ukraine's acting foreign minister. he said there would be further discussions in days to come. meanwhile, in crimea itself, u.n. special envoy robert serry was forced to abandon his mi
have increased after the ouster of president yanukovych. secretary of state john kerry says that russia must be careful. the new yorker editor david remnick has just returned from sochi. his article this week is called patriot games, vladimir putin lives his olympic dreams. i'm pleased to have my friend david remnick back at the table. here you are, not an editor. as they say in tv, who know? you never called me talented. >> it was a different experience for you. you are there for nbc commenting. >> i did a few things with bob costas before his eye. poor guy. he played hurt as long as he could. >> the captain limped out. >> like el sid. most olympic games are the olympic games and they are exciting for the athletic things and you get to focus on a different city but this was destined from the start to be half olympic games and half >> let's talk about the political event. this was seen as vladimir putin as what? >> the reassertion of russian confidence and power on the world stage. the soviet union collapsed in 1991 and with it collapsed not only on economy but a kind of nation
kerry said united states would do a billion dollars in loans guarantees, so that could be at risk, and as you mentioned it needs to do billions more, most likely coming to the at national monetary fund of which the united states is the biggest shareholder. just this morning ukraine's economic minister said they need 15 billion, they need 15 billion over the next two years from the imf. we could be on the hook for some of that as well. charles: thank you very much. i want to get back to katy mcfarland. you have an opinion piece on let's go through them one by one. >> okay. immediately we will rethink the missile shield that president obama cancelled in poland, the czech republic. that gets the russians very nervous. and then we do the economic stuff, we say the defense budget. the same day the russians were saying when negotiating with new bases around the world and we will restore and revitalize the military base in the former soviet union. and then the third thing is start hitting them economically. putin has played a long game here. he wrote his graduate dissertatio
-russian crimea. u.s. society john kerry warned russia must be very careful in the judgments and keep the commitments to respect the sovereignty of ukraine. "new yorker" editor david remnick just returned from sochi where he covered the olympic games for nbc. his article in can the new york this week is called "patriot games-- vladimir putin lives his olympic dream." i am very pleased to have our friend david remnick back at this table. so here you are, not an editor. your talent. >> talent, as they say on tv. who knew? you never called me talent. just the opposite. >> rose: first of all, it was a different experience for you. i mean, you're there for nbc commenting on-- >> the opening ser mope was the main thing, and then i did a few things with bob costas-- poor guy. >> rose: i know. >> he played hurt as long as he could. he was willis. >> rose: he was, oh, god. the captain limped out, did he? >> he did, like el sid. but it was-- you know, most olympic games are the olympic games, and they're exciting for the athletic thing and you get to see it and focus on an olympic city. but thi
.s. secretary of state john kerry was also meeting his german counterpart, at the best of times relations between the west and russia can be tricky but he has a good relation with sergey laverof and called to to ease tensions and the two men spoken the phone. >> with respect to the events today, yes, of course we talked about it. he indicated to me he watched it on tv and saw what happened but disclaimed they had anything to do with any formal russian initiative and on the contrary they are concerned about it. >> reporter: diplomates here and around the world will watch documents in the coming hours extremely closely and comments from former president yanukovych and the first public appearance since ousted and it could shake what happens between the east, west relations and i'm james in the u.n. >> research associate of the canadian associate studies and says they would be risking the relations with the west if they got involved with crimea. >> if russia intervened illegally from all host of agreements including the u.n. russia is one of the five nuclear powers that provided ukraine with
else can it do - sanctions. secretary of state john kerry is a white house official working the phones and spoke with the acting president of ukraine and gave his own stern warning and words for russia. he'll be on the sunday talk shows making the circuit, giving us a sense of what the white house plans to do next. >> the former u.s. ambass tore to the ukraine is worried that -- ambassador to the ukraine is worried there may be an all-out law. >> the resort to arms that the rubans have taken is a pathetic solution to a complicated -- russians have taken is a pathetic solution to a complicated problem. they should talk to each other and sort things out. it seems to me that the situation in ukraine demands the close working together of russia and the united states to avert a catastrophic world war. >> ukraine's president accused russia of approach okaying his country, like it did with another former soviet republic. comparisons have been made to the russian, georgia war. the conflict lasting five days and russia won. it begone over two disputed territories, south ossetia. in the year lea
. secretary of state john kerry is due to meet ukraine's new leaders on tuesday to show support. the u.s. is suspending military exercises and trade talk with russia and says it may consider sanctions. an international body that keeps an eye on security in europe is conducting a facts-finding mission in ukraine. >> our diplomatic editor james bays has this report from the united nations in new york. >> the third security council meeting about ukraine in four days. this time it was called by the ruban ambassador, and it soon became clear why. vitaly churkin had a letter from deposed president viktor yanukovych. russia is accused of invading crimea. "no", said vitaly churkin, "we were invited in." it prompted strong condemnation. >> russia has every right to wish that events in ukraine turned out differently. it does not have the right to express the unhappiness by using military force or trying to convince the world community that up is down and black is white. >> the russian representative claims that viktor yanukovych called for russian military intervention. "we are talking about a f
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